Hand crafted leather straps for Panerai watches

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Giovanni Panerai founded Officine Panerai in Florence, Italy in 1860. Officine Panerai had become an official supplier to the Regia Marina, specialized in mechanical engineering and designing and producing high quality equipmen .

Officine Panerai is famous for its watches Radiomir and Luminor that were used by the frogmen of the Decima Flottiglia MAS in their operations during World War II.

The original Luminor design dates back to around 1950, when Panerai designed a highly unique and functional crown guard in an effort to improve their watches’ water resistance.

These crown guards were trademarked as “device protecting the crown” – when the lever is in the closed position, it forced the crown into the case, providing an excellent seal against water and the elements.

Watch straps are custom made for Panerai watches

Strap leather for Panerai

You can find largest selection of handmade straps for Panerai Watches, all the leather straps can be done for this watches.

Panerai leather strap Minimal Vintage
Minimal Vintage Panerai

Minimal Vintage
Panerai leather strap Blue Jeans
Blue Jeans Panerai

Blue Jeans
Panerai leather strap Vintage
Vintage Panerai

Panerai leather strap WWII
WWII Panerai

Panerai leather strap Espiga-Jacobstraps
Espiga Panerai

Panerai leather strap Fénix-Jacobstraps
Fenix Panerai

Panerai leather strap Kampuchea-Jacobstraps
Kampuchea Panerai

Panerai leather strap Martina-Jacobstraps
Martina Panerai

Panerai leather strap Cyberjasp Jacobstraps
Cyberjasp Panerai

Panerai leather strap Alomada Jacobstraps
Alomadas Panerai

alligator skin

Panerai leather strap Stingray Jacobstraps
Stingray Panerai

mantaray skin

Panerai leather strap Hornback-Jacobstraps
Hornback Panerai


Goldoff strap alligator - Jacobstraps

Alligator - Nobuck.

Goldoff Nobuck
Panerai Radiomir leather strap alligator Jacobstraps
Radiomir Panerai


leather straps Jacobstraps
Leather straps
Leather straps

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